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Singer Katy Perry set to go naked for Hillary Clinton? Twitter churns over prospect

Singer Katy Perry set to go naked for Hillary Clinton? Twitter churns over prospect

Singer Katy Perry naked? Perry has shocked aplenty over the years and this time, she is taking her campaign to the US Presidential elections where Hillary Clinton is facing Donald Trump in a fight that will decide who becomes the President of the United States of America. 

The tussle for the presidency has mesmerised the American public, but if what has been reported about Perry happens, then she would certainly have stolen the spotlight from the presidential hopefuls.

Going all out for women power, 31-year-old pop star Katy Perry is reportedly going to vote for Hillary Clinton. The sticking point is that she will be doing so naked. Exactly what point that will serve is unclear. 

Sure, the photogs will have a field day, Twitter and Facebook will rage over the pros and cons and the prudes will say it is not funny, or acceptable, but whether it strikes a blow for women’s liberation or power is debatable. Will it even help Hillary, is something that will be questioned.

The rumour mills started churning in the wake of Katy Perry posting a picture of herself on her social media accounts with the legend ‘Katy Perry votes naked’. The photo shows Perry naked in a gymnasium polling station.

Katy Perry did not stop at that, giving further hints about what she is intending to do. She took to Twitter to post a tweet that said, “Tomorrow, I use my body as click bait to change the world.”

In case you did not get it, the message is: Remember to vote. Who cares what you wear. Just wear clothes. A message from Katy Perry… from jail.

What Hillary Clinton thinks about it is not yet known. Considering that she is looking to draw the conservatives on her side of the fence, this kind of publicity may generate a backlash. However, Katy Perry had hit the campaign trail alongside Hillary and even performed at the Democratic National Convention.


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